(August 6, 2015) This week had the Sprint Cars rolling into Knoxville Raceway. It would be a full show, with a full field of cars. The night would start with qualifying, followed by a C-Main, B-Main, Dash, and A-Main.
With the quality of drivers that showed up, all knew it would be a great race, with limited cautions.

Qualifying -
Joshua Gayman hit quick time, with a 17.063
Justin Gilmore - 17.086
Dillon Paddock - 17.123
Bryan Milligan - 17.127
Josh Smith - 17.158
Jim Goodson 17.172

C- Main -
1. Andy Jackson
2. Keenen Golliet
3. Bill Rowland
4. Wes Fehrenbacher
5. Thomas Heslink

B - Main
1. James Rotruck
2. Kyle Spence
3. Russell "Snake" Snearly
4. Jameson Colbridge
5. Larry Moody

The Dash - Joshua Gayman hammered down at the green flag, leaving the other 5 drivers to fight for positions 2 - 6, but the #1 spot was his!
1. Joshua Gayman
2. Kyle Spence
3. Justin Gilmore
4. Dillon Paddock
5. Josh Smith
6. Jim Goodson

A - Main - As expected, this field of drivers put on a great show. There were plenty of sliders, as well as topside - bottom racing. The track conditions were spot on, and the racing exceptional front to back.
Joshua Gayman was the man to beat this evening, and the field was going to have their hands full doing that. Once again, he jumped out the lead, and in clean air, seemed to put it on cruise control. Bryan Milligan, Justin Gilmore, and Kyle Spence, all diced around the top 4 or 5 for much of the race, with James Rotruck occasionally showing his nose for position.
Keeping your car on the track, and out of the wall, was crucial, and proved to shuffle cars to the back once into the wall.
Up front it was all Joshua Gayman, as close as Bryan Milligan came to a pass, it just wasn't enough. Joshua was the man to beat, and nobody could. Congrats on the win!
1. Joshua Gayman 11. Dillon Paddock
2. Kyle Spence 12. Russell "Snake" Snearly
3. Justin Gilmore 13. Keenen Golliet
4. Jim Goodson 14. Bill Rowland
5. James Rotruck 15. Jameson Colbridge
6. Andy Jackson 16. Bryan Milligan
7. Josh Smith
8. Thomas Heslink
9. Larry Moody
10. Rodney Pearce

Dillon Paddock - Passing before start/finish line. Rule 2.3 (-1 lap penalty) Restart lap 12-13
Bryan Milligan - Passing before start/finish line. Rule 2.3 (-1 lap penalty) Restart lap 54-55
Dillon Paddock - Passing before start/finish line. Rule 2.3 (1 week suspension)Restart lap 54-55 (Return 8/14/15)
Bryan Milligan - No post race screen shot (Disqualified)

Full Results: Click HERE

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