(April 30, 2015) The Dwarf cars made they're debut at Lawrenceburg this week, and put on one heck of a show. The track workers also put in some overtime, as the surface was groomed nicely, with plenty of grip, and perfect two lane racing action. Whether you had the car, the setup, or the talent to do anything with it, would be another story.

Heat 1 -
20 cars entered the pits, all wanting that first win in the Dwarf cars. So when the first 10 hit the track for they're heat, tensions were high. Heat 1 went nice and fast, with little to no problems. Justin Gilmore would take the win!
Josh Smith 2nd
Shane Jackson 3rd
Grenier 4th
Chad Barber 5th

Heat 2 -
The remaining 10 cars hit the track. there was a little more rubbing/bumping, but another good race, with Justin Clark taking the win!
Andy Jackson 2nd
James Rotruck 3rd
Dakota Osborn 4th
Brent Homan 5th

Dash -
The Dash was an excellent race, that a couple of drivers surely wished to be a lap or two longer as they were coming on strong, but the win would go to Andy Jackson!
Justin Clark 2nd
Josh Smith 3rd
James Rotruck 4th
Justin Gilmore 5th
Dakota Osborn 6th

Feature / A - Main
Everybody made the show, and even with 20 cars on the track at Lawrenceburg, there was plenty of room to race, and two lines to choose from. there were numerous lead changes through the race, too many to count. Early on Justin Clark took command, and led a good portion of laps. Then, Andy Jackson, and Josh Smith swapped for the lead several times. Around mid race, much to my surprise, things started getting a little sloppy. now don't get me wrong, there were only 3 maybe 4 cautions, but the Sliders were getting out of control. Drivers WERE making them stick, but for others, they were not, and that was unfortunate for the guys running the outside only to be stuffed into the wall, or spun. That WILL be addressed going forward, and don't anticipate any more problems.
Anyway, up front where most of the drivers were more aware of they're surroundings, the racing was fantastic. Late in the race, Andrew Engels, and Shane Jackson were there, and poised to do battle for the front against Josh Smith and Andy Jackson, Justin Gilmore still in the mix. Shane got to second, where he waited for Josh to bobble, just a bit, and took the lead. With literally just a few laps left, Josh searched high and low for something to get back around Shane.
He found it on the last lap coming out of 4, Shane went low, motor bogged just enough for Josh to Drag race him on the outside, to the checkered flag!
Josh Smith wins by 0.0216. Congrats to Josh on the win!
Shane Jackson 2nd - Super clean racer
Andrew Engels 3rd - Fast, consistent
Justin Gilmore 4th - Clean, patient
James Rotruck 5th - Always there at the end

Good race, fun race, can't wait to run them again!

For full results: Click HERE


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