(December 17, 2015) Twenty-Four 600cc Non-Winged Micro Sprints were in action on Preliminary Night #2 of the 4th Annual Tulsa Shootout. A-Main #1 would be a lot of heavy hitters in it. Gary Peck and Anthony Miller would battle hard in the opening laps as Kyle Spence would work the high side and take the lead around mid-ways and set sail until John Helms would get his Monster Energy rolling around the high side. The white flag would wave and Spence would move to the outside to try and slow Helms momentum but would make contact with the outside wall and Helms would dove low into 3 as they would drag race to the finish line with Helms first followed by Spence and Peck. A-Main #2 wouldn’t have as many lead changes as Jordyn Charge would jump out to the lead and set sail like Spence did but would be slowed by a couple of caution flags. This would allow Anton Hernandez to become in striking distance. Hernandez would throw some of the famous sprint car sliders and finally get one to stock as he would take the win with Charge and Jarrett Miller finishing the podium. These guys and many more will be in action again with the Non-Winged 600cc Micro Sprint Cars Monday, December 21st @ 8/7c for Preliminary Night #3.

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